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Music Lessons

8 Lessons / $180 CAD

(Only 22.50 CAD per class!) *our introductory offer to determine if enrollment is right for you

guitar bass piano violin saxophone flute voice drums ukulele mandolin banjo

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We have friendly, dedicated music instructors to guide students of all ages, abilities, and ambitions. All skill-levels are welcome and all ages are encouraged.

Lessons are 30 minutes each / weekly with a private instructor beginning in September and ending in June. You can enroll at any time during this period, although enrollment before September is recommended to secure the instructor and schedule that works best for you.

We have two school recitals each year for students to showcase their talent in front of friends and families. All students are encouraged to perform in our recitals, however participation is strictly on a voluntary basis.

Our Commitment To You

We strive to make the experience of learning a musical instrument as fun and rewarding as possible for every student who has the courage and desire to try something new and exciting. Learning is for life, at any age, and it is our privilege to share that experience with you.

Listen to what people have to say about music lessons at Thomas Walls School Of Music in the video playlist below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times are available for my lesson?

Lessons are typically between 3pm and 9pm during the week, in line with after-school scheduling, and between 10am and 5pm on Saturdays. Exact scheduling is contingent upon each instructor's schedule and availability.

Can I rent an instrument while I'm taking lessons?

Instrument rentals may be available for guitar, keyboard, and violin. Rental costs can be applied towards eventual purchase of the rented instrument.

Are students required to pass tests?

There is no formal testing/grading system in place, but students/parents and their instructors can agree to a system of tracking progress throughout their studies if they wish to do so.

Will I need to buy any books?

Your instructor may recommend books for you to purchase and we have manuscript paper along with a wide selection of music books and accessories available in our store.

Are lessons available during the summer?

Demand for music lessons drops considerably during the summer months, but there may still be instructors available for those who just can't wait for september. Call us to find out!